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Welcome to SAM DUK!
    Since its establishment on March 1974, SAM DUK, as a general trader, has been exporting and importing industrial products and representing the domestic and overseas manufacturers for various industries.

The present business activities includes the followings:
  Main Products:
      Submersible dewatering, sewage, wastewater, sand, slurry, sludge, axial & mixed flow pumps.

HANJIN Submersible Motor Pumps
Shinshin Pump Mfg. Company

      Submersible aerators and scum skimmer pump.
        Shinshin Pump Mfg. Company
        Other Industrial Products.
      Parts and materials, related to the aubmersible motor pumps.
  Contact Address:
Office: Suite 514 (Korea Business Center),
  309 Kangnam Daero, Seocho-Ku,
  Seoul 137-070, Korea
Phone: +82 2 3472-5522 (Rep)
Fax: +82 2 3474-9988
Contact: SAM DUK